『Lonery Yuri』

Highly atmospheric romance yuri game

for Windows2000, Vista, XP, 7
12 CG + variations


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First with a kiss... the girl is etched in the protagonist's mind.

It was first year in high school. The budding of summer.
Fusa Konno met a shut-in girl named Seri.
Persecuted by her yearning eyes, her heart gradually opened...

Awkwardly, the two girls gave each other a hug, joined hands, and looked into their eyes.
They learned a comfort of being with and touching someone they love,
and wanted to know more about each other...


Fusa Konno

Fusa Konno

Fusa is a diligent high school student. But, she thinks she is naive and wants to change that characteristic. One day her teacher asks her to bring some handouts to a classmate, Seri Aeba. That encounter changes... She often feels lonely, but pretends not.




Seri Aeba

Seri is a Hikikomori, but she is actually an outgoing and extravert person.

She doesn't care about the fact that she doesn't go to school although she is a student. She really hates the rules people impose to her. But, she sometimes asks herself...?

Seri Aeba


Event CG 1 (Wait a minute...?)
Come to think about it, that face in front of her is pretty close. She can't see much other than the eyes.
(Wha--what? Huh? Why am I--)
Her brain finally kicks into gear.
But it's quite too late now.

It is followed by Fusa's laughter.
"Aha, ahahahaha! What are you...Aha hahaha!"
"Uh, huh?"
Seri is a little surprised to see Fusa on her knees in the bathtub, holding her stomach in laughter.
Though she doesn't understand why Fusa is laughing, this is the first time she's seen her laugh like this.
"Ahh, that was funny... Seeing you shocked like that, you really look like a cat... Ahahaha."
"Ehe, ehehehe."
Event CG 2

Event CG 3 Seri looks at her with a concerned expression.
A glint of worry appears in her catlike eyes.
Though she feels a little guilty about it, Fusa is comforted by that look. It's as if it scratches an itch deep within her heart.
It's the sweet feeling of having someone who cares about her.
(But, I should get my act together now...)
Seri's body is soft and warm and smells good. But her arms are very thin, and light, as if there's nothing inside of them.

"Um, Seri, don't you think you should--"
"You call your mistress by name?"
Seri seems to be the kind of person who really gets into her role. She also seems to have quite a gift for acting.
There's a pressure in her voice that reaches all the way to Fusa's heart.
Event CG 4


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Illustration / CG

Sunao Minakata

Character design



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